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The Kabbalah Materials:

The use of mystical materials is known since ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians used to concoct materials from the world of plants and the animals for various usages as witchcrafts, medicine, luck, success and more. Each material had its own virtue, way to use and its unique way of operation.
The secret of how to concoct these concoctions was not known to all; it was taught and transferred from generation to generation within the family or between the prists. This gave mighty strength to those who held them. Therefore the information was kept a secret and only a few got to work with them.
No one knows when the use of Kabbalah materials had started; it is only known that a large part of these materials are appearing in different religious book and the Kabbalah.
The most common use of Kabbalah and mystic materials comes from the ancient era until these days from North Africa, Morocco, Libya and Egypt, but also Yemen, Persia, Syria and other Arab countries are using Mystic and witchcraft materials.
As stated, the preparation of the Kabbalah materials has been kept a secret, because mixing the materials on different days in the month and the precise moment are making the material works as the person who made the concoction - which give him great powers.
The amount of the ingredients and the quantity are highly important to the complete success of the concoction and how it will work on the person that we wish to influence.
These materials are a part of the on-line shop http://ghostshop.host-center.co.il where you may find additional verity for your liking.

We ship all over the world, including countries that does not establish diplomatic relations with Israel 

Selection of Kabbalah Materials

King Solomon Seal

King Salomon seals are known as symbols that are used in talismans and virtues. Their strength and influence comes from the secret of their writing.
Each symbol has its own uniqueness. The writing of the seal is done by the private name of the person who order it, his date of birth and his mother's name. The seal is written on a kosher parchment that is used in writing Mezuzah, and it is adapted to the person request or need. You may order variety of seals. The seal is written for several needs and it is designated to the whole family members.

There are several issues that you can address the seal for:
- Return the love (the seal is written with the couple names),
- Success in finding a match, to those who have difficulties in finding one.
- Removal of the evil eye and witchcraft. The seal will remove any inhibition, evil eye, witchcraft and will protect him from any other evil.
- Dybbuk - you can remove a Dybbuk from a person with King Solomon seal by releasing all lost souls from the house or people who live there.
- Good livelihood, good fortune, wealth and abundance. The king Solomon seal will be written to a business and will open the wealth and abundance in the business which will bring to prosperity.
- Health and protection from illness - the King Solomon Seal will be written to protect the body and soul from all sort of illness and will protect all the household members from illness (mentally or physically).
- Fertility for a man or a woman: This Seal can be written specifically to fertility of a man or a woman, it was proven effectively many times.
- Protection from bed energies in the home: the home will always be protected for the evil eye and from bed energies that your guests will bring to the house.
- Domestic peace, marital harmony, good relations between the house member, protection from evil eye and will remove any blockage that is in the house.
The period of time to make A King Solomon seal is 28 days (average). The seal must be written on designated dates and time according to the subject of the seal.

The measurements are 19X20 cm..
Do not hang the seal on a wall who borders with a toilet.

Personal talisman - An angels swearing amulet

This seal is written only by a Kabbalah specialist who is familiar with the secrets of writing talismans. This seal is very powerful and it is swearing the angels for the three basic needs of a man: relations, health and livelihood. This talisman has a high sanctity and it is recommended to be carried at least 40 days in your purse or beg and afterwards put it near you bed, in order to protect from the evil eye or any other form of evil. This talisman will remove any inhabitation from your life and will give you good livelihood and relationship opportunities.
On this talisman owner will come no evil, no evil eye no inhabitation or bonding, cursing or any negativity what so ever.
The angel's name that is written in this talisman is attributes to the prayer "Ana Bekoach" and by the name of the person who order the talisman. The talisman is written on a kosher parchment on certain time and dates; The Hebrew date of birth (you may find out the Hebrew date of birth on our site www.israghost.com). The private name and the mother name.

The measurements are 18X10 cm (in average) the talisman is given in an olive wood amulet in order to protect the parchment. It takes 10 days to write this seal. Do not enter a cemetery with this seal.

Handheld Seal

This seal is prepared according to the drawing of the right hand of the person who orders it.
This seal is personal and it is written to one purpose only.
The writing of the seal is a secret that known only by a few. By most it is passed between the professionals writers of talismans in the family.
Since writing talismans and seal are considered a profession, the secret is known only to a few writers. This hand print seal is considered to be the most powerful and the most sanctity of all. The seal is written in calculated times by the Hebrew date of birth, the name of the mother and his private name.
The seal is well tested and experienced, and that is why it is known as the most powerful personal talismans with the most effect.
This seal is only for the following usages: livelihood, health, fertility and relationship.

The seal is written on a kosher parchment and its measurements are 22X26 cm.
It takes more then a month to write it. And you can send the hand print by fax.

King Solomon's Scroll of Life Khatami

Man has always seeks luck and success. This had led people to visit at Kabbalists and witches in order to change or improve their destiny.
Virtues or a talisman has been used as a mystical means to improve luck. The tradition of using talismans and virtues is spread in all religions, cultures and folklores, beginning in ancient Egypt and until the modern civilization. By the way of using them we wish to make down to earth connection and spiritual quality.
The usage of talismans and virtues take varied shapes and forms: it is easy to count the usage of talisman for livelihood, as for love and success, finding a mate, talisman for health, return lost love, happiness and more...
The talisman scroll is written on a kosher parchment with kosher ink, it includes verity of talismans and King Solomon seals that hold the power to success in all areas of life, starting with livelihood, health, success, luck, fertility, removal of evil eye, removal of blockage, mental strength, long life and actually anything a person is wishing for himself all his life.

The scroll is personal and written especially to the person who orders it.
The components of the scroll are all natural and are written as a kosher book of Torah is written. The scroll is as a talisman for life. Anyone who holds the scroll will accompany and protect through the years of his life. It is possible to order this scroll to a baby on the day he is born and it will accompany him all through his life making sure that he will have luck and success all his life, it will not let any inhibition to come into his life. The scroll of seals is one of a kind in the world -it is unique with the collection that she holds within her and it is written from ancient and rare manuscripts.
The scroll appeared for the first time in Israel and in the whole world and beyond the talismans, King Solomon seals and all the virtues that she posses she is unique in a way that only outstanding individuals can write it.

It takes between 40-60 days to write the scroll. It is written by time and dates that are given from above. The measurements of the parchments are 8X100 cm (in average). The scroll is rolled into a wooden olive chest to protect it from humidity or any harm.

Protection from the evil eye pendant

This talisman will protect the owner from evil eye and negative energies.
This talisman is made from a kosher parchment and includes the name, the mother's name of the person that it is intended to.

This talisman is written after midnight on a certain date and time. The talisman does not include a necklace, it is recommended to use a silver or gold necklace.

The length of this pendent is approximately 4.5 cm.
It takes 3-4 working days to make this talisman.

Knowledge & Understanding - Student personal talisman

This talisman is for students of all ages, this talisman will give you the success in studies and social relationships. This talisman will help with exam anxiety and will give a boost to students with low self confidence.

The talisman is made after midnight with the name of the person, his mother's name and his date of birth. Upon receiving this talisman wrap it in a cloth and put it in the student backpack or study bag.

During ordering make sure to give all the information that is needed.

A personal talisman

A personal talisman that will give you protection from the evil eye, blocking or inhibition.

The talisman is written on a kosher parchment, it is written with a kosher ink and includes the name, the date of birth, and the mother's name of the person.

Upon receiving the talisman, wrap it in a nylon bag and seal it and put it in your bag.

Habat El Warad - Love of the roses , sexual love and betrayal

A very strong mixture of essential oils that there mission is to bring back love, intensify it and to bond couples to one another, increase sexual attraction and prevent betrayal.

Take a picture or a kosher parchment with the name and the mother's name written on it (of the person you want), drop 4-5 drops on the picture and spread it with your index finger, clockwise for at least 60 seconds and say out loud: "your wishes and your actions shell be mine, your way and your love will lead you to me, all you wish for in a partner you shell find in me". This needs to be done each day until the material in the bottle is finished (during this time the picture must be kept in a dark place).
At the end of the material you have to wait for 21 days and then burn the picture (you can do it on your stove) and say: "as your picture burns your love will belong to me".
After you burn the picture you need to throw the ashes on the ground.
In many cases you can see results before the 21 is starting.

Ashum Aziff - To attract love

A powerful mystical material that attracts the man or woman to you, this potion contains a mixture of 16 different ingredients.

Pour the contents of the bottle on a piece of clothing from the person of your interests. Bury it while saying his name seven times and imagine him in your mind while burying the piece of clothing. If you do not have a piece of clothing you may also use a picture of the person you want and write his first name and his mother's name on it. Put the picture in a paper bag and pour the mixture on it, then bury it.
If you have no picture of the person you may use a kosher parchment instead of the picture with the name of the person and his mother's name.

Aduk - To subdue and lead to conflict

The Adduk is a mixture of Kabbalah components that are used in Kabbalist rituals.
The Adduk is a very powerful material that by using it you may return wrongful deeds to their rightful order.
We will use the Adduk only for things that will not cause harm, moreover the Adduk will bring completion to relationships that never should have started (gangs, drugs, harmful peer pressure) when you want to sever wrongful relationship (treacherous couples, disloyal husband or wife, unfitting relationships). When you have problems with your neighbors, coworker's employer or even friends the Adduk will help you to neutralize the situation with no violence or unnecessary anger.

Use 3 drops from the mixture every day after sunset on a picture of the person that wish to harm us or that we want him to stop whatever he/she is doing to harm us, our family or our relationships. Concentrate well and hold his image in your mind. See in our mind what we want to happen and ask for whatever you want the material to do (you are not allow to wish for death) you need to repeat this procedure every day until the mixture will finish. While you are doing this procedure each day leave the picture in a dark drawer.
Caution - this procedure must not be performed as an act of revenge. It will not work on anyone who is not an enemy or a foe.
To subdue a neighbor or a foe drop 3 drops from the mixture on the lintel of the doors (on each side) and say: may your deeds will be severed and your ways will not succeed, all harm that you wish upon me and my family will come back to you seven times over. And sadness will come upon you. Subdue to me and to my will. You need to repeat this procedure until you will prevail or until the mixture will finish.
After the mixture is finished you need to bury the picture in the ground (not in a public place).
Use the Adduk with caution and wisdom, and not by far to harm anyone without cause or a good reason.

Al Dahab - To prosperity and livelihood

The purpose of this Kabbalah material is to open your luck and your livelihood and with it the materialistic abundance. Each one will do this for his own sake.

You need to take a bill of money (recommended 5 $ bill) and drop 4-5 drops every day after sunset (on the same bill, on the same side) continue doing so until you will finish the mixture and you will have a bill of money covered with gold on one side. Wrap it in a nylon wrap and put it in your pocket. This action will open all gates for good livelihood and prosperity in a short while.
Shack before you use it.

Insat Al Hob - Forget love and dim feelings

Instructions: 1. If the usage is a personal one (for yourself): Take a few burning coals and pour the mixture on them (you can use a metal utensil above the stove).
Take the pot (or any other utensil that you used and put it on the table). Hover above the steams seven times and say out loud: "May the love that I feel to (say the name of the person and his mother's name out loud) will dim and diminish and the gates to my true love and happiness will open. 2. If the usage is for someone else: Take a picture and hover it above he steams clockwise while saying out loud: "May the love and feeling of (say the name that appear in the picture and his mother's name) will sis to exist to (say the name and his mother's name) and may he will find a true love". After concluding this procedure you need to read a random chapter of Psalms.

Bav Alaruc - Sexual attraction

This mixture is made from 12 different materials and was concocted in different times and dates.
This Kabbalah mixture is causing a sexual attraction to the one who have the mixture (the attraction will come from the partner that we wish). Following this sexual attraction love will prevail.
You have to carry the mixture in a plastic bag with the picture you wish to sexually attract. Pour the mixture on the picture and put a cloth in the plastic bag: a red clothe to attract a man, a white cloth to attract a woman. The plastic beg need to be carried in a purse or a bag. If you wish to temporary remove the influence of the mixture put it in a dark place -it is recommended to wrap the bag in a black cloth.
If you wish to discontinue the effect completely scatter the mixture on the ground and the picture throw to the garbage.

Golden Maskuta

This Kabbalah material is known for many usages and is well known and tested.
The Muskata gold looks like gold cress, which lour the sight and many testify that she has mesmerizing effect. The Muskata gold is very beautiful in the light and it is amazing in its beauty.
Muskata Gold is good for many things: spreading a pinch of Muskata gold before you leave home will assure success for the whole day, scattering Muskata after a man or a woman will attract their attention.
Scattering some Muskata gold after a man, a woman, a soldier and sun will make sure their safe returns. Muskata Gold in a small revealed bowl in your home will assure prosperity, livelihood, peace and quiet in your home and among the household occupants.
Muskata Gold is used to help sell an apartment, friendship in the workplace and much more…

Sumak Al Hub - Returns lost love

This material has the ability to return lost love; therefore you have to carefully check the marital situation of the other side (if they are not already married).
It is recommended to use this material if the breakup happened more than a year ago. To a breakup that happened less than a year it is recommended to use Habat El Baraka.
This material is combined from several Kabbalah materials that are prepared on specified time and date in order to amplify their strength.
This material is considered to be a very strong in returning lost love. This material will not have any effect in cases of witchcraft.
How to use
Dig a small hole in the ground, (around 20 cm). Put the pictures of the couple facing each other one on top of the other at the bottom of the hole. Put the Kabbalah material in a cup, fill it with water. Wait an hour. Pour the cup on the pictures and fill the hole. Cover the hole and leave the place. It is recommended to take a shower afterwards and concentrate on the person you wish to return the love to. If you do not have any pictures you may use a parchment with the names written on it or a clothing item.


This Kabbalah material will make you respected, admired and popular by all who surrounds you.
This Kabbalah material is very strong, experienced and tested. It contains 9 well known Kabbalah materials. This mixture will give the obtainer worship and admiration from his surroundings.
This mixture will increase the positive energy that influences our surroundings. It is highly suitable to people who fill degraded and mistreated properly.

How to use:
Put the flask in your bag or pocket. The flask is not to be opened -it is sealed with a blessed candle.

Nazel Kopha - Remove anxiety and fear

This mixture contains Kabbalah materials that radiate positive energies gives you peace of mind and tranquility. To those who feel insecure in their day to day life and felling depressed.

How to use
The Kabbalah materials are put in a small metal flask. Put it in your pocket or your bag and they will start helping you after 21 days.

Additional books by the author

Don't let trouble find us

The complete book of talisman and King Solomon's seals.

This book holds within dozens of virtues and talismans to be used by everyone from the dawn of History.

This book is touching in all areas of life: Health, livelihood, relationships, love, fertility and much more..

This book gives you a hand full of advice and wisdom for day to day coping with life for better peaceful living. Superstitions and various advices on multiple subjects of life.

For the first time in writing all the keys of King Solomon seals that include the meaning of each seal and all sorts of seals (72 names of god, Gothic and all King Solomon seals for prosperity, health wealth and much more.

This book is available in Hebrew

Seance & reincarnation

What is reincarnation?
Why does a soul come back in a newborn after death?
How do we perform séance?
What is permitted and forbidden in séance?
Is it permitted to perform séance by religion?
Fear & trauma from reincarnation.

Stories about reincarnations & Studies about clinical death incidents.
Meeting the dead in a dream, retribution & punishment, life after death and more.

All the answers and explanations are included in this thrilling book (published in 2006)

This book is available in Hebrew only

It not just a dream

The first book by "Ghost House Publishing". "It's not just a dream" is a book that reveals to the reader the broad dream world and the knowledge that each dream and what is stored within a dream.

Dream brings a lot of hidden information from us and if only we would had the correct tools to solve them in the easy way and have the ability to make sense of a dream and it contents our lives would be so much simpler and easier.

Common dreams, how to control a dream, symbols in a dream, children's dream and more.

This book is available in Hebrew only


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